Monday, July 16, 2018

Educational leaders discuss national certification standards at UrFU

Last week, representatives from the Higher Attestation Commission, the Ministry of Education and the Russian federal government visited Ural Federal University to discuss nationwide standards for certifying scientific personnel.

The meeting was held to address the potential adoption of national standards among all PhD-granting institutions in Russia--including online programs--to ensure that dissertation councils only approve the most deserving scientific theses.

Specifically, the educational officials identified the need to improve the quality of PhD-earners in the scientific areas of priority including physics, chemistry, mathematics, systems biology and biotechnology in order for the country to remain competitive globally.

UrFU was selected as the host university for the meeting due to its standards for organizing and providing oversight to the dissertation councils for doctoral candidates in scientific fields.

Currently, UrFU offers 26 doctoral-level programs spanning 11 branches of science and 50 specialties. In 2013, UrFU approved 180 scientific dissertations.