Friday, August 17, 2018

Russia celebrates anniversary of dissolution of Soviet Union

Last Thursday, Russian citizens celebrated Russia Day, the country's primary national holiday, commemorating the 24th anniversary of Russian sovereignty from the former Soviet Union.

Officially, Russia Day was celebrated with a presentation ceremony and reception at the Kremlin, where Vladimir Putin presented medals to outstanding Russian citizens for their deeds in 2013. Following the ceremony, a concert was held in Red Square featuring traditional Russian folk music, The Voice of Russia reports.

Elsewhere in Moscow, approximately 250 different Russia Day celebrations were held, including the Moscow Press Festival on Poklonnaya Hill and the Kremlin Mile running event.

Meanwhile, the Sverdlovsk region celebrated the national holiday with a choral performance from a 1,000-member choir and a mass swimming and running event along the Volga River. The Altai Territory, which has recently been devastated by intense flooding, organized a fundraising campaign to help the victims to correspond with Russia Day, according to The Voice of Russia.

Moreover, a church music festival was held in Yalta in Crimea on Russia Day.

Additional events were held in Alushta, Sudak, Kerch and Bakhchisarai. A recent poll showed that 71 percent of Russian citizens are pleased with Russia's dissolution of the former Soviet Union, The Voice of Russia reports.