Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sverdlovsk region to offer free digital TV

Freeview Digital TV is now offering a packet of 10 free federal TV channels to 68 percent of Sverdlovsk region residents.

The company is also offering two packages with 20 channels, Oblgazeta reports.

The expansion is part of a federal program to bring high-quality television to 98.9 percent of the region's residents by 2015. It is expected that the company will cover 81.9 percent of residents by the end of this year.

Residents currently have many different options to access television programming including internet, cable, digital TV and satellite dish. Not every area in the region is offered every single one of the options, however, and the options can be out of the price range of many citizens.

Everyone in the region, though, can have access to free broadcast television through the federal program, which was launched in 2009, according to Oblgazeta.

Customers who choose the free broadcast option must have a standard DVB-T2 as well as a regular indoor antenna with UHF amplifier. Those with older TVs may need to purchase a different antenna.