Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Robotics designers to convene in Yekaterinburg for ACM-ICPC competition

The ACM-ICPC 2014 World Cup of Programming will host a competition for the best creators of robots during its finals in Yekaterinburg on June 22-26.

Four teams will show off their skills at managing automatic devices that they've created. The competition will include various displays of robotic prowess through such events as football, gladiatorial combat and flying competitions. Other events will pit robots against each other in chess and conversation.

The event will take place at the Palace of Sports, at the Cosmos Cinema and concert theater and at Ural Federal University. The school is the main organizer of the competition, which is sponsored by IBM.

Overall, approximately 1,000 of the world's best programmers representing 120 universities will convene in Yekaterinburg for the competition.

The ACM-ICPC is the world's oldest and most prestigious programming contest. The first World Cup of Programming was held in 1977.