Sunday, July 15, 2018

Yekaterinburg police detain alleged real estate fraudster

Officials from the Sverdlovsk region announced last week that Yekaterinburg police detained a 31-year-old native of the Chelyabinsk region believed to have been involved in real estate fraud.

According to local police, beginning in 2012, the alleged fraudster used fake IDs to rent flats for one day and then sublet them for a longer period, Ural Business Consulting reports.

"He found his victims on the internet and invited them to have a look at the apartment," a Yekaterinburg police official said, according to Ural Business Consulting. "In order to sound more convincing, he would show the future tenants documents relating to the place. Not a single victim was able to identify the papers as fake. He would then take a month's rent and vanish into thin air. He would sometimes let one and the same apartment to several people in one day."

Investigators allegedly found a fake passport under the name Robert E. Mittelman at the time of arrest. The suspect, who was sentenced by a Moscow court to a two-year conditional sentence for a similar crime, reportedly admitted to the charges and was cooperative in describing the details of his alleged scheme.