Thursday, June 21, 2018

UrFU's women's football team recognized for personal achievements

Ural Federal University's (UrFU) women's football team was recognized for their personal achievements on Tuesday as the season came to a close.

During the season, the team focused on winning cups and medals in tournaments and competitions. However, now as the season comes to a close, the team has taken time to recognize the individual achievements of the players.

Snezana Kobeleva was named "Best Defender" and "Player of the Year." Daria Aliyeva and Julia Biryukova, meanwhile, were named top scorers on the team.

Tatiana Mukhina was honored for the progress she showed over the season, and Galina Dudina was named "Best Player Replacement." Pauline Artemova was named "Hope of the Year," Zaliya Gazimova was recognized for her "Dedication to the Team" and Elena Ivanova won the "Will to Win" award.

The players on the team acknowledged their gratitude toward the parents, coaches and representatives from Ural Federal University for supporting the team, along with fans.

The team will begin training camp for the new season on July 21.