Tuesday, June 19, 2018

USUE to host workshop on Russian cultural identity

Ural State Economic University announced on Tuesday that it will be hosting an assembly and workshop dedicated to Russian cultural identity.

The assembly, which runs June 4-6 at USUE, will focus on national and state policies on civic identity, implementation of national policies, establishing resource centers for Russian citizens regarding national identity and other ways to strengthen national unity within Russia.

Regional authorities are expected to attend all three days of the event, alongside USUE faculty and staff.

Organizers said they hope the regional government will sign a cooperative agreement with the Assembly of Peoples of Russia organization and the Sverdlovsk Regional Association of NGOs to generate programming focused on cultural identity.

Moreover, a similar agreement is expected to be signed by the Assembly of the Peoples of Russia, the Association of National-Cultural Associations and the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education.