Friday, September 21, 2018

Sverdlovsk road collapses after water pipe rupture

Last week, a busy stretch of road in the Sverdlovsk region collapsed after a water pipe underneath the asphalt ruptured following months of blockage by a beaver dam.

Currently, repair crews are working to restore the road and fill the 13-foot pit that was formed after the water pipe burst, BBC reports.

Area biologists said young beavers are likely at fault for the blockage of the water pipe, as they are more inclined to build new dams than their mature counterparts. Additionally, the beaver population in the Sverdlovsk region has recently been increasing as the demand for beaver pelts has dwindled in the area.

"Young individuals build dams and settle in new places," area biologist Pavel Kosintev said, according to BBC. "There's only way to protect communications from these animals-- put iron bars over the pipes."