Monday, May 21, 2018

Promens receives sustainability award for Slidissime cosmetic jar

Russian packing designer and manufacturer Promens recently received the Sustainable Plastic Packaging award at the PackTheFuture 2014 conference in Dusseldorf for its Slidissime jar.

The Slidissime jar is the world's first airless cosmetic container with a tactile pump, which allows users to access the contents of the product by making a sliding gesture on the side of the jar. Promens designed Slidissime to operate using gestures which consumers are accustomed to making on their smartphones and tablets.

By passing a finger over the tactile pump membrane, Slidissime will dispense an economical dosage of product while protecting the contents within. Promens estimates the jar will be popular among skincare companies because it is designed to eliminate leakage and to protect the chemical compounds of sensitive formulas.

Slidissime was also recognized for its eco-friendly construction, product protection and social benefit attributes at awards ceremony.