Friday, September 21, 2018

Koltsovo Airport opens exhibit of children's paintings in terminal

Last week, Yekaterinburg's Koltsovo International airport opened "Airport Eyes of Children," an exhibition of children's drawings on the subject of air travel.

A majority of the paintings were made by children of the Maloistoksky orphanage and depict images of the classic BI-1 plane, airport runways and interiors of the terminal. The paintings are being showcased on the second floor of Koltsovo's Terminal A.

Prior to the opening of the exhibit, a group of 12 residents of the Maloistoksky orphanage attended an all-access tour of Koltsovo to generate ideas for their paintings. During their tour, the children learned the history of air travel in the Sverdlovsk region, saw areas where pilots and flight attendants relaxed between flights and watched how luggage is transported on and off aircraft.

"Responsible Koltsovo airport to business extends not only to continuing work on quality or service for passengers, but also for long-term effective assistance to the local community," Koltsovo Airport director Alexei Piskunov said. "Among the diversity of airport operations with the public and have informative and educational activities."