Saturday, June 23, 2018

Skolkovo affiliates collaborate to prevent cardiovascular disease

AngioScan and AlgoMost, two affiliates of Skolkovo, signed a cooperation agreement last week to start a joint project for the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

AngioScan is a program that obtains data to assess the condition of the arterial wall in patients' blood vessels. Together with AlgoMost, the data will be collected in order to identify and produce recommended systems of measuring for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

The companies will also use AngioScan to research and identify previously unknown yet still significant prognostic information that could provide patients with the ability to detect warning signs of cardiovascular disease three to five years before it develops.

"We hope that developed during the project analysis algorithms pulse curve will allow us to improve the accuracy and reliability of clinically significant vascular parameters measured appliances AngioScan," AngioScan Technical Director Yuri Zobnin said. "This should give a new impetus to the active clinical introduction of new methods of diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, developed and promoted by our company."