Monday, July 16, 2018

Sverdlovsk official calls for increased cooperation with Iran's Hamedan region

Alexander Petrov, the deputy prime minister of the Sverdlovsk region, recently called for an increase in mutual cooperation between the region and the Hamedan province in Iran.

"Hamedan and Sverdlovsk provinces supplement each other," Petrov said, according to Daily Times.

Petrov referred to the Hamedan province's high trade capacities, saying it has influenced the agreements made with the country in trade, industry and mining sectors.

The official recently visited the province, after which he said that he would remove any obstacles hindering expansion between Russia and Iran, specifically in such areas as tourism and sports, which could appeal to Iranian tourists, Daily Times reports.

Andre Lukinsky, the head of the Russia-Iran Trade Agency, said companies in Russia would be willing to take a strong role in projects in the Iranian market, specifically in the Hamedan province.

"The eagerness of the Russian economic firms to establish trade relations with Hamedan increases everyday and this visit indicates this interest," Lukinsky said, according to Daily Times.

The delegation from the Sverdlovsk province also met with Iran's Hamedan Chamber of Commerce, where it was decided that the Sverdlovsk Chamber of Commerce would strive to expand trade relations with the province. Additionally, Hamedan traders were encouraged to visit the Sverdlovsk region in order to find reliable partners for trade activities.