Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Figure skating champion Maxim Kovtun returns from military service

Russian figure skating champion Maxim Kovtun gave an interview to R-Sport magazine after returning from mandatory military service last Sunday.

"To be honest, I am very glad that I plunged into the army," Kovtun said, according to R-Sport. "First, it is a change of scenery. All this time I'm not not out on the ice, but did not rest-- physical training in the army was more than enough! Second, and this point is much more important, I made a deal that was supposed to do as a man."

During the interview, Kovtun said his favorite part of military life was being able to shoot military weapons. Also, Kovtun said he was treated very fairly by his fellow servicemen and women largely due to the fact that his grandfather is a celebrated veteran of the Russian armed forces.

Kovtun plans to return to his figure skating training next week to prepare for an upcoming show, according to R-Sport.