Wednesday, June 20, 2018

USUE students, teachers awarded research funding

Ural State Economic University students and teachers were among the eight groups awarded research funding at the World Economic Youth Forum in Astana last week.

USUE students Oksana Sokolovsky and Alain Rybalko are currently working as a team on a social science research project, which was awarded funding by the Astana Club's advisory council, along with USUE graduate student Alexander Buruhig and USUE associate professor Alexander Maltsev, who each work individually.

The university also has a strong presence on the Astana Club's advisory council, with two of its eight seats occupied by USUE Rector Mikhail Fedorov and Vice Rector Dmitry Karh.

Presiding over last week's forum was Nobel Laureate Robert Aumann, who determined that Maltsev's research project should receive the highest level of funding from the council. Maltsev will receive a $30,000 grant for his work.