Saturday, June 23, 2018

More than 17,000 graduate from Yekaterinburg schools in 2014

More than 17,000 students graduated from 168 educational institutions in Yekaterinburg as the 2013-2014 school year came to an end last Friday.

Ten thousand of this year's graduates will be departing school after completing ninth grade while the remaining 7,000 have completed the 11th grade. Approximately 400 Yekaterinburg graduates received their diplomas with honors, reports.

Deputy Governor of Yekaterinburg Sergei Schwindt and Deputy Head of Social Policy Mikhail Matveev visited each of the 11 educational institutions in Yekaterinburg that held graduation ceremonies to address the students and congratulate them on their success.

"Of course, I hope that the school gave you a lot, taught you to be independent citizens of your country," Matveev said during a speech to the graduates, according to "But the most important mission of the school is to give a person knowledge. And just a few days you have to show that knowledge, handling the unified state exam. I wish you success, happiness and [wellness]."