Monday, June 18, 2018

Koltsovo Airport to participate in international airport evaluations

Koltsovo International Airport announced on Monday that it will be participating for the first time in the International Airports Council's Air Service Quality assessment.

Koltsovo will be evaluated for its size, alongside another 225 international airports with an annual passenger traffic of four million people.

"Koltsovo [has been] continuously working on improving services at the airport, and the study of service quality are regularly held here," IAC Director of Quality Dirk Klann said. "An important feature of the ASQ is that evaluation criteria are considered global. After receiving the results of the study, we arrive at a clearer understanding than happy with our passengers, and what issues need to be improved."

Throughout the the course of the ASQ evaluative period, the IAC will interview 1,500 Koltsovo passengers. Participants will complete a survey on all aspects of their experience at the airport. Survey results will be compiled and analyzed by the IAC, and a final report will be submitted to Koltsovo's management.

Meanwhile, the Russian government has organized an airports committee with representatives from each Russian airport participating in the IAC's ASQ assessment.