Monday, May 21, 2018

UrFU student Evgeny Emelyanov describes plans for UrFU campus

Ural Federal University student Evgeny Emelyanov gave a presentation to school officials last week detailing his plans for the future development of UrFU's campus.

"I aimed to emphasize the special status of UrFU, as the largest of the nine federal universities," Emelyanov said regarding his proposal. "Also tried to note the characteristics of the university is actively conducting research, successfully working in higher education and with considerable creativity."

Emelyanov's proposal is an overview of his ideas for the redesigned avenues, boulevards and streets surrounding UrFU's new academic building, which will house the university's new Institute of Social and Political Sciences.

Selected as highest of three winners in the UrFU's university development design competition, Emelyanov is joined by two other student design teams. The second-place design team is comprised of students Eugenia Zyryanova and Olga Dobrynina, who are responsible for unifying the architectural motifs of the university's new buildings and their surrounding streets.

Third-place teammates Olesya Kuzenetsova, Olga Kuskanova, Osintseva Alexei and Natalia Smolina are tasked with naming the university's most prominent street. They have selected Leonardo da Vinci as the street's name in keeping with their plan to name other university streets after iconic inventors and philosophers.

As compensation, Emelyanov will receive $3,700 for his winning designs. The second and third place teams will receive $2,600 and $2,025, respectively.