Friday, July 20, 2018

UrFU hosts spring blood donation drive

Ural Federal University completed its spring blood donation drive last week, drawing students and teachers to donate blood.

Hundreds of participants were able to donate blood, while half of the visitors were turned away for such reasons as high blood pressure, heart disease and other reasons.

Physician Elena Taskaeva said donors must be healthy and have no diseases. Taskaeva is an experienced donor with five donations in the treasury of city hospitals.

Participants were greeted with a cup of hot tea following their donation. They were also encouraged to get rest after the procedure.

Alain Gadzhaman, a student in the Graduate School of Economics and Management, explained the process, saying that it doesn't hurt and that the procedure is no more intimidating than the prick of a finger. He said he was nervous at first, but then he relaxed and felt a pleasant chill on the skin.