Saturday, June 23, 2018

Bulgarian government to open consular office in Yekaterinburg

Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Daniela Bobeva announced last week that her government is planning to open a consular office in Yekaterinburg sometime in mid-June.

In preparation for the opening of the office, Bobeva and Bulgarian Deputy Economic Prime Minister Branimir Botev met with Ural-area tourism industry representatives to discuss ways of promoting Russian tourism in Bulgaria, reports.

During the meeting, the Bulgarian delegation noted the increase of Russians visiting Bulgaria during vacations in 2013 and their anticipation of further tourism growth in 2014.

By opening a consular office in Yekaterinburg, Bobeva said it will provide Ural-area residents with a streamlined process of booking travel to Bulgaria. Bobeva also said she hopes that the Yekaterinburg location will draw interest from travelers in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus, according to

Moreover, Bobeva has developed a plan that would allow Belarusian tourists to travel to Bulgaria while circumventing Ukraine. Those tourists would be granted Schengen visas by the government of Slovakia, allowing travelers a safer path to the country.

Bobeva said the travel alternative may draw up to 100,000 more visitors from Belarus to Bulgaria over the next 12 months, reports.

Currently, Bulgarian officials are working with Balchik and Sofia airports to increase the number of flights in and out of the country to offer more options to Bulgarian-bound vacationers. Meanwhile, the country's tourism officials are seeking to dramatically increase Bulgarian travel advertisements in Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

In less than one month from now, the Bulgarian parliament will vote on a comprehensive strategic growth proposal for the development of tourism by 2020, according to