Friday, June 22, 2018

Kamensk-Uralsky residents push city for better road conditions

Residents of Kamensk-Uralsky are continuing their fight for smoother, better quality roads after beginning their protest following the harsh winter.

The protesters have demanded that the city redistribute vehicle tax and traffic fine revenue toward timely and quality repairs to roads. Currently, the tax revenue goes directly to the regional fund, but the citizens argue that some of the funds should stay in the municipality, Oblastnaya Gazeta reports.

The citizens' demands are stated in a resolution that was signed by 500 Kamenska Ural residents and was subsequently delivered to the regional governor and presidential envoy in the Urals.

Residents maintain that poor road quality has led to an increase in traffic accidents and a decrease in overall roadway safety standards, according to Oblastnaya Gazeta.

The government said it lacks funding for a complete overhaul of city roads. The city considered closing certain streets to traffic; however, the measure did not go forward as it was expected to cause congestion in other areas of the city.