Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cuisines of USSR festival held at Mayakovsky Central Park

Last week, the city administration of Yekaterinburg hosted the Cuisines of the USSR culinary festival at Mayakovsky Central Park.

Cuisines of the USSR, which began at 11 a.m. on Saturday, was planned to coincide with the 69th anniversary of Soviet victory in World War II. Event organizers expected that the festival would introduce younger Russian citizens to Soviet cuisine, dance, music and games, Ekburg.ru reports.

At the festival, attendees were free to taste different national cuisines, participate in cooking classes, purchase folk arts and crafts and watch performances by numerous dance and music groups celebrating Soviet culture.

Presented by Yekaterinburg's Advisory Council on International Relations, Cuisines of the USSR is the first of the newly-formed council's scheduled events aimed at promoting inter-ethnic relations, cooperation with public associations, preserving national identity and developing national cultures of Ural residents, according to Ekburg.ru.