Sunday, May 27, 2018

MegaFon to begin offering SMS filtering service

MegaFon announced last week that it has begun offering a new SMS filtering service, allowing cellular customers to block incoming SMS text messages sent by both individuals and promotional mailing lists.

The feature is offered free to any MegaFon cellular subscriber as part of its ongoing effort to protect its customers from spam messages.

To add a phone number to the restricted list, customers must dial *903# and hit send. Once sent, the user will retrieve a list of the last 10 phone numbers with which the customer has had a text message interaction. The user can then choose the number they wish to block.

"MegaFon for several years successfully fighting spam," MegaFon's director of fraud prevention said. "There are times when a subscriber signs up for himself promotional mailings, which subsequently begin his burden. For example, the subscriber may, within a few years to come regular SMS-messages from the fitness club, which he no longer [uses]. With our new service, client will receive only interesting and relevant information."