Friday, July 20, 2018

USUE students pinned with St. George's ribbons

Ural State Economic University held a ceremony last week where 200 students were pinned with patriotic St. George's ribbons.

"Our ongoing campaign is a symbol," ceremony commissioner Vladislav Sviridov said. "It is aimed at maintaining the spirit. We are distributing the tape to the youth remembered knew wore attributes victory, and thus expressed its passive participation in the celebration."

The ribbons, which are striped black and orange, are a symbol of the sacrifices made by previous generations of Russians in conflict to achieve national harmony.

"We are distributing ribbons in memory of all those who died defending our country," Olga Gotsulyak, a military veteran participating in last Wednesday's ceremony, said. "We attach importance to the symbol of victory to all remembered quite a feat."

The ribbon of St. George emerged under the Order of St. George, which was established in 1769 as the highest military honor in Imperial Russia. It was re-established in 1998 by former Russian President Boris Yeltsin.