Thursday, June 21, 2018

USMU students pitch in for clean-up on banks of Iset

Students from Ural State Mining University helped to clean up the shores of the Iset River last week in honor of Victory Day.

The event began with an inauguration speech from Sergei Tushin, the deputy head of Yekaterinburg on the organization of significant events, and Nikolai Kosarev, a rector at USMU, reports.

Tushin thanked the participants, the founders of Ural State Mining University and the organizers of the event. He also spoke on the occasion of the Victory Day, honoring those who fought for country.

Kosarev said that through cleaning up the Iset, the townspeople will be able to enjoy holidays on its banks. He urged the volunteers to put as much effort into the cleaning project as they do in the classroom, according to

Approximately 1,500 bags of garbage were collected and sent to the landfill. Additionally, four dump trucks were filled with large branches, building materials and stones.