Saturday, May 19, 2018

Nomos Bank extends $46 million credit line to Vester Holdings

Nomos Bank's regional office in Kaliningrad announced last week that it has opened a credit line in the amount of $46 million to Vester, a diversified production and commercial holdings firm.

"We are pleased to begin cooperation with Vester," Nomos Bank Operations Manager Larisa Petrachova said. "For almost 25 years, Vester has proved its competitiveness and modern approach to business. Constant improvement and development, market leadership prove high professionalism and quality management company. We believe in the high potential of our partnership and look forward to further developing our comprehensive and mutually beneficial relations."

Per the agreement, the line of credit will remain open for a five-year period, allowing Vester to refinance loans issued by other banks. Remaining funds will be used to supplement Vester's working capital.

"[We selected] Nomos Bank as a financial partner for a variety of characteristics, including operational issues, a flexible credit policy, the development of the best offers for our enterprise, comfortable and technologically client-bank with lots of online services and other banking products," Vester CFO Inna Eldina said. "Credit facilities and quality financial advice from the bank will allow to improve and develop the company's business. We believe in the great prospects of our cooperation."