Saturday, June 23, 2018

Ural Volunteer Tank Corps honored in Victory Day ceremony

Yekaterinburg celebrated the 69th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany on Wednesday with a ceremony that included laying flowers at the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps monument.

Veterans of the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps led the procession, which included members of patriotic clubs, students and a military band. The procession ended at the monument, where flowers and wreaths were then laid, reports.

Mikhail Matveev, the deputy head of social policy for the administration of Yekaterinburg, spoke at the event on the invaluable contributions the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps made to the victory. Matveev honored the veterans of the war with his words and reminded the youth to do the same to their heroes in the future.

The Ural Volunteer Tank Corps began in 1943, when Ural tank builders volunteered to produce tanks and self-propelled guns for the Army. They also volunteered to train workers on how to drive military vehicles. The efforts were published in a newspaper, after which thousands more citizens volunteered. The volunteers formed three armored brigades, four regiments, one motorized infantry and other combat units, according to