Saturday, June 23, 2018

Rare twin aardvarks born at Yekaterinburg Zoo

The Yekaterinburg Zoo's press service announced that twin aardvarks were born at its facilities last month.

The first of the two aardvark cubs, whose genders are still unknown, was born sometime in the morning and was discovered when cleaners arrived to the aardvark exhibit. The second cub was born shortly after, reports.

Until recently, zoo officials were not entirely sure if the mother, Bagh, was actually pregnant. Veterinary staff suspected she might be in February when Bagh began gaining weight rapidly.

Typically, aardvarks give birth to one cub every two years. Twin aardvark births are extremely rare in both Russian and foreign zoos, according to

Zoo officials said the three-week-old cubs now weigh approximately four pounds each, and are in good health. After they are weened off their mother's milk, they will begin a diet of cereals, dry food, cooked apples, mealworms and bananas.