Monday, July 23, 2018

Flood reservoirs rise 6.5 feet during flood season

The water levels at Upper Makarovsky, Volchihinskoe and New Marinskoe reservoirs, the main sources of Yekaterinburg's potable water, have grown by 6.5 feet since the beginning of the region's flood season.

Flooding started April 18, and the waters have yet to subside weeks later. Environmental experts attribute the rise in water levels to heavy rainfall coupled with rapid warming. As of yet, meteorologists can not determine an approximate end to the flooding cycles, reports.

If conditions do not improve for Yekaterinburg's three primary water sources, municipal officials can draw water from the nearby Nyazepetrovsky cascade as well as the Ufa river, but this method will be substantially more expensive and may prove to be cost prohibitive, according to