Saturday, June 23, 2018

Ural Airlines holds 20th general meeting

Ural Airlines held its 20th annual general meeting last week in which the company elected a board of directors and approved its annual report for 2013.

The agenda of the meeting also called for reports on the company's annual financial statements, profit distribution for the financial year and the approval of related party transactions.

Last year, the company saw growth in production volume due to such factors as increased safety measures, a professional staff, a larger fleet, the construction of a new hangar complex and the confirmation of European quality standards, which were extended through 2016.

Ural Airlines also expanded its route network sales in 2013, along with partnerships. The company also introduced a new service platform in 2013 called Amadeus Altea.

The company saw a revenue in 2013 of $815,000 and a net profit of $5,800--or $8.37 per share.

Over the next year, Ural Airlines will add five aircraft to its fleet and open a new hangar.