Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Yekaterinburg re-opens children's clinic in Kirov after renovation

Last Wednesday, Yekaterinburg administration head Alexander Yakob presided over the re-opening of children's clinic No. 10 in the Kirov region after the facility underwent $560,000 in renovations.

"Clinic has changed beyond recognition," Chief Physician Sergei Martirosyan said, according to "The main function of child health clinics--primary healthcare, but almost every office is equipped with a serious set of diagnostic equipment necessary for the operation of narrow specialists."

Officials estimate that the remodeled clinic will service 8,000 pediatric patients per year, of which 600 are likely to be under the age of one.

"Completely different look premises updated children's clinic," Yakob said, according to "Given that the medical establishment is on the ground floor of an apartment house, built 50 years ago, taking into account this factor, did their best to perform a valid redevelopment, as well as apply a completely different interior solutions."