Sunday, May 27, 2018

UrFU graduate students take 16th place in supercomputer competition

Graduate students from Ural Federal University's Institute of Radio Engineering and Information Technology (IRIT-RTF) competed in the ASC 14 Student Supercomputer Challenge late last month in Guangzhou City, China.

The team--made up of Oleg Golubev, Ilya Kolmogortsev, Marina Mezentceva, Andrei Tretyakov and Eugene Dergachyov--took 16th place in the competition, which brings together competitors to design a multiprocessor cluster of three nodes, each containing two processors and two co-processors on a server platform that allows for reduced energy consumption.

More than 80 teams from universities around the world competed at the event. The UrFU team was led by Elena Nikolaevna Akimova, a professor of computational methods and equations of mathematical physics at IRIT-RTF.

Akimova led the team to a Silver Cup award. Each member of the team also received a diploma for their participation in the prestigious competition.