Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Koltsovo Airport upgrades aircraft maintenance machinery

Koltsovo Airport announced last week that it has acquired a new Bezvodilnye AP-8850-SDA electric aircraft towing tractor as part of its program to update its fleet of aircraft maintenance machinery.

Furnished by American aviation equipment firm LEKTRO, the Bezvodilnye AP-8850-SDA is capable of towing aircraft weighing up to 50 tons. In particular, Koltsovo Airport technicians plan to use the AP-8850-SDA to tow its Pilatus PC-12 and L-410 planes, as well as its Embraer EMB-120s and the CRJ-100/200 regional jets.

"The acquisition of the Bezvodilnye tractor [is something] Koltsovo Airport [has been] thinking [about] for a long time," Koltsovo Airport CEO Alexei Piskhunov said. "There was [a] need for special manufacturing equipment, which will provide highly maneuverable aircraft towing [for] business aviation and the so-called VIP-jets for their precise placement inside the hangar."

Airport officials have designated the AP-8850-SDA for use inside the airport's new hangar complex. The unit is equipped with two batteries and can be operated for up to 12 consecutive hours before needing a charge.

Koltsovo Airport plans to purchase more than 70 pieces of equipment throughout the year to modernize its operations. Aside from new towing tractors, such as the AP-8850-SDA, airport officials plan to acquire mechanized baggage handling and airfield maintenance equipment.