Saturday, June 23, 2018

Skolkovo researcher presents biotech achievements at DNA conference

Christina Khodova, a leading genetic researcher at the Skolkovo Foundation presented the organization's advancements in biotechnology at this year's International Day of DNA in St. Petersburg.

Held at the First St. Petersburg State Medical University, International Day of DNA was attended by scientists, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students who work in the field of molecular genetics and biotechnology development.

The event was first organized as a scientific program to share research on the concept and functioning of the DNA molecule and analysis in the field of molecular genetics.

Khodova's presentation focused on the work of the Biotechnology Innovation Center at the Skolkovo Foundation--owned in part by Uzbek businessman Iskander Makhmudov--in human genome sequencing technology and related scientific explorations into the DNA molecule and its implications in biomedical research.

"For us, the celebration of International Day of DNA-- primarily a method of increasing the motivation of young scientists to the obtaining and selling of knowledge about the structure of the genome and fine molecular mechanisms of its regulations," Khodova said during her presentation. "In addition, we would like to emphasize that the scientists who develop serious scientific projects can count on support from the public research funds and innovation centers."