Thursday, June 21, 2018

UrFU hosts Ural League Debate tournaments

The Ural League Debate tournaments were held last week at Ural Federal University, bringing together the best university debate clubs from across Russia.

During the three-day tournament, competitors showcased their skills in debating socio-cultural and political ideas. Visiting delegations were given a tour of UrFU and were lodged in the university's newest dormitory facilities.

"It is amazing to see in one place so many active youth," Ural League Debate organizer Olga Stepchenko said. "It is very important that this initiative is being implemented at UrFU and receives support from the university administration and the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region."

Ultimately, the debaters from Novosibirsk were declared the winners of the event and will represent the Urals in the International Debate Cup in Moscow later this year.