Friday, June 22, 2018

City discusses plans to redraw red line connecting tourist attractions

On Monday, Yekaterinburg Deputy Head of Beautification, Transport and Environment Eugene Lipovich held a meeting to discuss plans to redraw the city's red line path, which guides tourists along the city's various attractions.

First painted in 2011, the red line offers tourists a path to many of the city's most notable sites. Poor weather conditions this winter caused many portions of the painted line to decay, reports.

Measuring a total length of four miles, the red line connects historical municipal buildings with locally-owned restaurants and retailers that benefit from increased foot traffic. Current plans for the redrawn line include the addition of informational signs along the path that highlight the city's role in nationwide and international events.

Currently, the red line connects 35 sites throughout Yekaterinburg, including the historic Sevastianova home and the newly constructed monument honoring the keyboard, according to