Saturday, September 22, 2018

MegaFon completes integration of Skartel, Iota

MegaFon recently completed its integration of Skartel and Iota, two companies it purchased 100 percent of shares from in October 2013.

The integration process took seven months and involved combining the two acquired companies into one company--Skartel, which provided services under the brand Iota.

Additionally, all of Skartel's telecommunications equipment was transferred to MegaFon along with Skartel's basic processes of support. The two acquired companies also had their rental property network bargained.

"We combined the two network operators in the interests of customers," Anna Serebryanikova, the director of legal affairs at MegaFon, said. "MegaFon got access to better quality mobile internet at high speeds 4G, and the company Skartel will be able to develop new services thanks to a powerful infrastructure of converged networks. I want to thank all the staff involved in the project, for their hard and efficient work, which enabled an integration Skartel and Iota successfully and on time."

MegaFon approved the purchase of Skartel and Iota in September through the purchase of Maxiten Co. Ltd., which owned the two companies.