Saturday, June 23, 2018

Seliger organizer Rosmolodezh launches anniversary logo competition

Representatives from Rosmolodezh's annual Seliger Russian youth forum have announced a design competition for a logo commemorating the event's 10th anniversary.

The Seliger 2014 event, which will feature performances and educational opportunities, centers on looking towards the future of youth participation in national affairs.

"We call Rosmolodezh the 'Agency of the Future,'" Rosmolodezh head Sergey Pospelov said. "We want the logo to convey this meaning. Young people-- people who want to change their lives and in the country for better. It is those who generate ideas, engaged in science and creativity every day puts soul into his work and thinking about the future, those who dream and do not give way to the difficulties. We want the logo to be bright and cheerful [with] youth."

Pospelov encouraged potential logo design competitors to avoid traditional sensibilities such as using a three-color scheme. Moreover, he suggested that logo entries should be different from logos of existing youth movements and parties.

The winner will be given a prize of $1,400. Submissions will be accepted at