Thursday, June 21, 2018

City Without Drugs adopts new treatment methodology

The Sverdlovsk region's controversial drug rehabilitation center City Without Drugs has announced a revision in its treatment methodology to discourage patients from leaving the program prematurely.

"Last year, we identified a trend: about 30 percent of all admitted to our center [left treatment] during the first month, for various reasons," City Without Drugs Chief Doctor Anton Poddubnyi said, according to "So we changed the scheme of work to motivate patients. Firstly, that they did not change their decision in the middle way, and secondly, to be ready for the face that City Without Drugs is not a sanatorium, and here it is necessary to work on a daily basis."

City Without Drugs' new treatment program involves four stages, the first of which involves treatment at the center's outpatient department. Next, patients will be admitted to a detox facility before they are checked into City Without Drugs' residential rehabilitation program. The final stage is post-treatment care for recovered addicts.

"A separate [stage] also highlight[s] motivational work with the parents, because addiction-- a disease not of one person but the whole family, and therefore have to be treated together," Poddubnyi said, according to "We have seen progress over the last two months."

City Without Drugs is currently operating at full capacity with 77 residential patients. Patients who successfully complete the center's rehabilitation program receive a certificate of graduation and will begin their post-treatment care under the supervision of an outpatient specialist.