Saturday, June 23, 2018

Rostelecom launches Sputnik search service at Russian Information Forum

Rostelecom recently announced the launch of its new Sputnik search service at the Russian Information Forum held from earlier this week at the Field Boarding House.

Now in its beta stage, Sputnik is a service-search portal that allows Russian citizens to interact with state and public institutions.

"In a country where half the adult population doesn't have the internet, [one-third] of the population still has no idea what it is--all of us, the state and providers of services and content, in the coming years have work," Rostelecom Vice President Alexey Basov said. "We are going to come in 2018 [to the homes of] 90 million Russians and give the [one-third] of the population... access [to] the physical network to deliver to these people the opportunities of the internet that will enhance their quality of life."

Parties interested in the Sputnik project can sign up to receive updates and participate in future trials of the program at

The Russian Information Forum brings together information technology professionals, executives of IT companies and representatives from both IT and offline businesses, as well as private internet users to discuss the future of Russian internet access.