Saturday, June 23, 2018

Nomos Bank fulfills BO-2 bond purchase obligation

Nomos Bank fulfilled its obligation to purchase the stock BO-2 earlier this week as part of the prospectus.

The bank acquired 4.3 million exchange notes at 100 percent of face value through the offer, totaling $120,000.

The acquisition also had an accumulated coupon income of $120,000 with traded bonds posted at $70 million on October 18, 2011 with a maturity date of Oct. 18.

Two issues of classical bank bonds remain outstanding: series 11 at $140 million and series 12 at $140 million. Five issues of stock remain outstanding as well, including BO-2, BO-03 and BO-04, each at $140 million. BO-05 and BO-06 were at $200 million.

All the bank bonds are traded on the Micex A level list. Nomos Bank bonds are also on the Lombard list and on the list of securities accepted as collateral for repurchase agreements from the Bank of Russia.

Four eurobond issues are also in circulation, totaling $1.65 billion. A subordinated issue of $350 million was posted on April 2010, maturing in 2015.

A subordinated issue of $500 million was posted in April 2012, maturing in 2019; a senior issue for $500 million was posted in April 2013, maturing in 2018; and a subordinated issue of $300 million was posted in December 2012, maturing 2019.