Thursday, June 21, 2018

Ural Yekaterinburg youth team to compete in third division championships

Ural Yekaterinburg's youth team will compete in the third division championships at its training base later this month.

The first match of the Urals and Western Siberia cup was held last weekend, where the team defeated Nizhny Tagil 2-1.

The second match in the Urals and Western Siberia Cup will be played at noon on Saturday at the training base.

On April 29 and May 6, the team will compete against Tobol, and on May 10, the team will play Shakhtar from the Korkino-Chelyabinsk region.

Igor Bakhtin, the head coach of the Urals youth team, said the team's participation in the third league along with participation in the youth championships is an unparalleled endeavor.

The goal is to get more playing time for the athletes so that they can grow and improve through experience. which Bakhtin said will result in an intense and heavy calendar for the team.