Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Health officials urge citizens to vaccinate against tick-borne disease

Alexander Kharitonov, the chief epidemiologist of Yekaterinburg, appeared on TV-41's "Afterword" program on Monday to encourage residents to get vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis.

"Most importantly, those who have not been vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis, it must be done," Kharitonov said, adding that those vaccinated over three years ago should be re-vaccinated, according to "We must remember that we live in the territory of endemic tick-borne encephalitis."

Kharitonov said those bitten by a tick and displaying symptoms of encephalitis should visit the emergency room immediately to receive immunoglobulin treatments, which must be repeated each month.

Yekaterinburg offers free tick-borne encephalitis vaccinations to pensioners and children aged 15 months and older. For adults, a complete medical exam is required prior to vaccination, and vaccinations are not administered until three weeks after recovering from an acute disease, reports.