Sunday, May 27, 2018

Aeroexpress to raise standard ticketing fees for physical ticket purchases

Aeroexpress will implement changes to its fee policy next month in an effort to encourage the adoption of electronic payment technology.

Beginning May 1, the changes will affect tickets purchased at Aeroexpress terminals, including the box office and ticket machines. Tickets sold online or using the Pay@Gate service will see no changes.

Standard tickets purchased electronically will remain at the current price of $9.54. When purchased in the box office, the tickets will cost $11.21, including the standard ticketing fee. Business class ticket purchases will be excluded from the rule changes.

The company has worked to reduce ticket prices with the implementation of new management policies, infrastructure and a reallocation of costs.

Passengers can now purchase tickets on the company's website, on the free mobile app or at the Pay@Gate turnstiles.