Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Children's musical groups participate in International Children's Music Festival

On Friday, children's musical groups from across 14 countries arrived in Yekaterinburg to participate in the 15th International Festival of Children's Music, held as part of the Russian Year of Culture.

This year's children's music festival--entitled "Earth: Our Common Home"--features musical groups from Russia, Romania, Bucharest, Bosnia, Herzegovina, the U.S., Italy, Czech Republic and Tajikistan among other nations, Mail.ru reports.

"This year we have a party in the Austrian big band, dance troupe from Baku and the Georgian vocal group," festival organizer Tatyana Machnova-Paverman said, according to Mail.ru. "Among the regulars-- chic dance groups from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Will be dancers and musicians from India."

The first Festival of Children's Music was held in 1982 in the Sverdlovsk. Now held biennially, the event was at first open only to Russian groups until 1990, when children's musical acts from Turkey, Germany and Bulgaria were invited to participate.

The festival will be held until Wednesday in performance venues across Yekaterinburg, Mail.ru reports.