Saturday, June 23, 2018

CSKA defeats Ural youth team 4-1 in second victory

The CSKA Army Men defeated the Ural youth team 4-1 in the team's second consecutive victory in the national youth soccer championships.

Goals were scored by midfielders Armen Ambartsumyan, Sergei Seredin, Dmitri Litvinov and Aleksandr Sapeta, as well as by forward Nikolai Dergachev.

CSKA was also made up of goalkeeper Ilya Pomazun; defenders Pavel Kotov and Nikita Chernov; and midfielders Yuri Bavin, Petr Yanzin, Nikita Titov, Aleksandr Golovin and Svyatoslav Georgievski.

The game aired live on the official CSKA YouTube channel.

CSKA was the official team of the Soviet Army before the fall of the Soviet Union, after which it came under private ownership, with the Russian Ministry of Defense and Uzbek businessmen Iskander Makhmudov as stakeholders.