Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg to celebrate 69th day of Russian victory in WWII

Yekaterinburg will celebrate the 69th anniversary of Russian victory in World War II next month with a day of ceremonies and festivities.

The city's organizing committee is preparing for the event under the leadership of Mikhail Matveev, the deputy head of the administration of Yekaterinburg, who chaired a meeting of the committee that included discussions on issues of preparation and the organization of festive events, Ekburg.ru reports.

Event administrators will work to reach every veteran in order to honor them at the event, which will include a parade of military equipment and will bring together approximately 500 veterans. It will also include a sound parade, which will be broadcast live on 15 outdoor screens.

Overall, the victory celebration will include 30 individual events on the 1905 tradition area, October Square, Historic Square, the area of the Soviet Army and an area on Pushkin Street, according to Ekburg.ru.