Saturday, June 23, 2018

Yekaterinburg launches sports facility mapping for mobile

The Administration of Yekaterinburg announced that it will be launching a prototype of its mobile sports mapping program.

Accessible through the mobile version of Yekaterinburg's Information Portal app, the mapping software allows users to see any sports events happening at any of the city's 2,000 sporting facilities, reports.

The events appear as icons on the map and will display detailed information about the events, including start times and prices of admission.

The sports mapping program was developed by the Yekaterinburg Office of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism as part of the municipal initiative to increase attendance of athletic events, according to

Over the past three years, Yekaterinburg's Office of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism oversaw the opening of 13 gyms, 12 swimming pools, 44 sports fields and an indoor ice rink, as well as a play area for children.