Wednesday, June 20, 2018

USUE concludes WorldSkills tournament with award ceremony

Last week, Ural State Economic University concluded the 2014 Ural WorldSkills tournament with an award ceremony.

During the second day of competition at USUE, which took place last Thursday, university students from across the region competed in both culinary and catering competencies.

The competition began with a cooking challenge where students were required to make a meal out of trout using a two-heat treatment and to prepare two side dishes, one of which was to required to contain celery root. Competitors were able to serve the meals with drink pairings to demanding and challenging clients.

Other WorldSkills events were held at four other regional universities. At the Yekaterinburg Economics and Technology College, students competed in both ventilation installation challenges and baking challenges. Meanwhile, the automotive painting, car body repair, welding, carpentry, masonry, tile-laying and plumbing challenges were hosted by the Ural College of Technology and Entrepreneurship.