Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Authorities open criminal case against orderly suspected of child abuse

Officials in Yekaterinburg announced on Sunday that they have opened a criminal investigation against an orderly suspected of abusing adolescents being treated at a facility for children with developmental disabilities.

The case against the 21-year-old orderly was opened officially after a group of victims posted a video online detailing the man's abusive actions, which include beating and raping numerous patients of the facility, The Moscow Times reports.

The Sverdlovsk region's official investigative committee said in a statement that investigators are "thoroughly checking all the evidence without exception," according to The Moscow Times.

If convicted of abusing minors, the orderly faces up to seven years in prison.

The residential facility where the suspect is employed treats developmentally disabled children and young adults ages four to 18. While some of the patients are orphans, many have parents who are alive and reside within the region, The Moscow Times reports.

Police are currently questioning all residents of the facility to see if there are more victims who have not yet come forward.