Sunday, May 27, 2018

German foreign minister to attend Russian-German forum

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier is scheduled to attend the sixth annual Russian-German forum on energy efficiency in Yekaterinburg in December.

"This is not the first visit of Mr. Steinmeier in the Sverdlovsk region," Sverdlovsk Foreign Economic Relations Minister Andrei Sobolev said, according to "The presence of such a high-level of guest forums emphasizes unchanging, the strategic nature of our region cooperation with Germany in the energy sector."

Sobolev recently met with the heads of German company Wilo SE, a global leader in manufacturing pumping equipment used in mining enterprises, housing and construction. During the meeting, Wilo expressed enthusiasm for helping the Sverdlovsk region with energy efficiency projects and is constructing a custom heating unit for the city of Yekaterinburg as well as a power station for Yekaterinburg's academic region.

The Russian-German forum will consist of more than 30 scheduled meetings with German industrialists and members of the German government, as well as leaders of chemical, metallurgical and electrical businesses, according to